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If you are unemployed or dreaming of a career change, dental assisting might simply be the solution for you. A rewarding career with a professional atmosphere, excellent wages and flexibility of work hours is waiting for you in as little as three months! We will teach and train you to achieve the ultimate goal of this comprehensive and accelerated program which is entry-level employment in the exciting field of dentistry!


Our school hours are designed to avoid conflict with your current employment, family and other obligations.  After completing our program and earning your DA certificate, you will be capable of seating and preparing patients for treatment, assisting the dentist during the various dental procedures, sterilizing instruments, providing oral hygiene instructions, setting up procedure trays, charting treatment plans and existing conditions, etc.

Our school director is Dr. Fernando de la Pena who prior to receiving his license to practice dentistry in California, worked as a dental assistant for several years. Dr. de la Pena uniquely gives instructions from two points of view, as a dentist and as an assistant delivering an effective learning process.

The Dr. Fernando de la Pena Dental Corporation (Los Angeles School of Dental Assisting, De La Pena Dental Group) is a Board Registered Continuing Education Provider #RP5559 and also offers the following California Dental Board required courses for employed dental assistants. Please note that the following are SEPARATE courses and are NOT prerequisites to the Dental Assisting Course:

  • Radiation Safety (Board Approved X225)

  • Coronal Polishing (Board Approved CP69)

  • 8-Hour Infection Control (Board Approved IC119)

  • 2-Hour Dental Practice Act (Home Study Course for non-licensed dental personnel and License Renewal)

  • 2-Hour Infection Control Course (Home Study Course, License Renewal)

  • 16-Hour Pit and Fissure Sealants (Board Approved PF144 for RDAs)

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According to the Orange County Register posted on July 21st, 2009, the growth of dental assistant career is unstoppable “With a projected job growth rate of 33.5, the occupation of dental assistant is projected to be the Orange County’s 11th fastest-growing occupation from 2006 through 2016, according to the EDD. An estimated 4,600 dental assistants were employed in Orange County in 2006, and the occupation is expected to generate 2,340 job openings through 2016. This includes 1,540 newly created jobs and 800 openings due to replacement needs."


According to Ms. Sheila Wiley of Jobing.com, Los Angeles, "It's not surprising that the demand for dental assistants continues to rise. Dentists have come to rely on their assistants to perform an expanding array of important patient procedures. A career as a dental assistant offers variety and flexibility in work and schedules, excellent working conditions, and personal satisfaction from doing an important service and working with people."


If you cannot afford the tuition fee of an accredited school or do not want to spend many months in a classroom, this course may be your next best option! If you want to attend Dental Hygiene School or even Dental School but aren't quite sure if it's really the career you want, this is an inexpensive way for you to find out.

In these challenging economic times, you need to be financially wise and most of all, quickly employable!

We do not have a job-placement program, however, since the beginning of our school, dentists from all over Los Angeles and the surrounding areas would call us regularly, asking for new grads. A lot of our students became employed this way, even before they finished the course!!!


We prefer our classes to be small so as to create an excellent academic environment conducive for rapid learning. For this reason, enrollment is limited.




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